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Dr Carl Grundy-Warr

Team Leader

National University of Singapore


Yee Shen Hao


National University of Singapore (Alumni)

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Kheang Ratana

Main Coordinator

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia


Daniel Tan Li Xian


National University of Singapore (Alumni)

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Mompich Sreyneang


Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

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Dr Hak Danet


Institute of Technology of Cambodia

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Mindy Ong


ActXplorer, Singapore

Participants of  2019

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FieId Investigation was not just a great platform for students to understand more about fieldwork, it was where we were able to witness geography coming to life. It was an authentic, challenging yet real and fruitful experience. The reports which are produced by us give you a glimpse of the lives of others and the challenges they are facing now in this fast developing world.


National University of Singapore



National University of Singapore


The reason I joined Field Investigation was for the field work experience and being able to experience the diverse culture in SE Asia. I really enjoyed myself in this short 10 days in Cambodia and understood how Geography (Nature) and the locals (People) interact together, and learn to live together. The project topics were really interesting, giving us all a greater insight into  the social issues and how geography plays a part in  them.


National University of Singapore


I have conducted field studies research before but this time, planning research projects centered around various human-ecological themes in Cambodia in a more streamlined format was challenging. But, I am grateful for making new friends in Cambodia and getting to know my batchmates better. I hope that you would find the projects interesting and that they would inspire you to consider a topic outside your comfort zone, should you decide to join us.


I was interested in the opportunity to conduct field research overseas while living with locals. What we have on this website are our best representations of what we saw, heard and experienced on our short stay in Cambodia.  Field Investigation was one of the most memorable experiences in my university life and I hope that our projects will pique your interest, even if just a little, in this spectacular country and its people.

National University of Singapore

Ying Xuan


National University of Singapore


Field Investigation was one of the highlights of my university life. This is the frontier where knowledge and concepts come to life and becomes real. When everything we have attempted to understand with our mind is turned to real experiences, real interactions and real relationships, you will understand that education is not only about the training of the mind, but the transformation of our hearts. 

Through this experience, I was able to understand concepts that were discussed in lessons and see first hand for myself what everyday challenges locals faced.  Everyday is different for us and every region of Cambodia is unique on its own as well. What inspired me the most was how rich Cambodia's culture was and its people’s resilience in the face of change. I hope that you can see what we have learnt on this website and be inspired by them!

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National University of Singapore

Xin Ying


National University of Singapore


I decided to join Field Investigation because of my interests in field work which allows me to learn outside of the classroom. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me as we get to experience homestay with some of Cambodia's indigenous communities. I hope you will learn as much as we did as you read through our captured stories and videos of the everyday challenges and social issues faced by Cambodia on ground.


National University of Singapore


FieId Investigation is  one of the best opportunities for a geographer to explore and understand Cambodia's communities. We investigate, learn and recount real challenges faced by these communities. Furthermore, our journey enabled us to cross paths with new friends from different walks of life. I hope the audience of our project can increase their awareness and reflect upon the stories they read. Now, join us as we ride against the Mekong currents and awaken our six senses.


Field Investigation was definitely a huge commitment. It was also demanding (think: no toilets!) but no regrets taking this module because I don’t think I would get the chance in future to do homestays at villages far from tourist spots. The Cambodian buddies also became my friends that we would share stories and jokes with. As Geographers, don’t be fooled into thinking that SEA countries have nothing much to offer because FI really surprised me!

National University of Singapore


Yee Ching

National University of Singapore

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As a Geographer, I am curious about how the stuff in classrooms and lecture notes play out in real life. While it required much sacrifice, Field Investigation truly lived up to my expectations and more. It opened my eyes to a world that is beyond academics and that is about global social inequality and injustice. I joined for selfish reasons, and came back with thoughts about societies beyond my own and about people beyond myself.

If you love the outdoors, Field Investigation would quench your hunger to explore and live out of your comfort zone. Uncover various geographical and environmental concepts with your friends and totally nerd it out in a foreign land, whilst making new pals from partner universities in Cambodia. I assure you that at the end of the Field Investigation, you would go home with new found appreciation and love for outdoor learning and fieldwork.


National University of Singapore



National University of Singapore


I enjoy ethnographic research, and this was what drew me to Field Investigation. My teammates and I have delved into topics such as rural/urban land-use planning in Koh Trong, Kratie to the intergenerational transmission of culture in the Krung village, Ratanakiri. In light of the development and modernization in Cambodia, many of these places are undergoing rapid change and I hope you find value in what we have captured from our journey.

Fang Min

National University of Singapore

Fang Min.jpeg

I joined Field Investigation because I love getting to experience the vividness of ways of life I didn’t even know existed! Our trip was wonderful. It was challenging in all the ways humanistic fieldwork is difficult, but only in the best way of making you learn. Above all, I will miss the warmth, openness, enthusiasm, and frankness of conversation that sometimes feels like the rarest coincidence of all the right circumstances.


I thought it would be pretty cool to go on an adventure with the Geography Department before I graduated. Going to Cambodia meant that I was throwing myself into a whole new environment, but I learnt that it was a lot more than just adapting. Our hosts gave us a glimpse into their daily lives, and I noticed how different our everyday geographies are. Through this website, I hope you’ll learn a thing or two about the different cultures in Cambodia!

National University of Singapore


Yu Lin

National University of Singapore


My motivation in life is ‘fun’ stuff so I was really motivated throughout the trip. I really enjoyed the flexibility of learning on the go; you’ll never quite know what’s the next new gem you uncover or who’s the next person you’ll learn from. To me, Field Investigation was not simply about learning geographical theories, but about moving out of my academic bubble and attempting to experience (as much as I tried) the actual field i.e. Kratie & Ratanakiri. 

I joined Field Investigation as I wanted to have an opportunity to fieldwork and travel around Southeast Asia with friends. This journey has allowed me to form new bonds and make new friends in Cambodia. I also learnt a lot about the lifestyles of indigenous people and how development and modernisation has changed them.


National University of Singapore



National University of Singapore


 I joined Field Investigation excited to step out of my comfort zone and experience research beyond the safety and comfort of our classrooms and the Internet. Being able to experience hands-on fieldwork allowed us to better appreciate the learning process. I hope that through our projects on this website, you will be able to see and learn a little more about Cambodia, its culture and its people’s adaptability in the face of adversity and change.


National University of Singapore


 I saw this trip as a wonderful opportunity to live amongst locals who have a culture and way of living so different from what I was used to. The trip to Cambodia allowed me to catch a glimpse of both the struggles and the joys that some of the locals tackle in their everyday living, Hopefully, as you scroll through this website, you will be able to understand a little more about the Cambodians, their traditions and their struggles, through our eyes (and camera lens).


I have always been more comfortable with physical geography fieldwork. Applying human geography fieldwork techniques during Field Investigation was surprisingly difficult but I learnt the nuances of conducting interviews through this experience. Take your time through this website, as we feature many details of the local Cambodian life in relation to overarching forces of the world in a repository that cannot be found easily elsewhere.

National University of Singapore


Jun Wei

National University of Singapore

lim jun wei.jpg

Field Investigation was one of my most unforgettable experiences; getting to meet and interact with the locals, Cambodian buddies and everyone else on this trip is something I will cherish for a very long time! Our homestay families were kind and warm, opening their homes to strangers like us and I am truly grateful to experience and understand their everyday lives. Hope you will learn something new about Cambodian culture from this website.

While not buried under books, you will find Reuben digging the depths of Wikipedia and Reddit for the most obscure of trivia facts. He would like for you to know that his major, Geography, is not only about rocks.


National University of Singapore


Zhen Kai

National University of Singapore


I was attracted to join Field Investigation as it was one of the only modules in NUS with the opportunity to conduct on-the-ground research overseas and in this case, Cambodia! Apart from having the chance to interact with the locals through homestays in their villages, we were also given the opportunity to work with Cambodian students from the partner universities and forged new bonds in the process.


National University of Singapore


I’ve read about and learnt about the Mekong River but wanted to see it in person, what’s even more interesting is being able to stay with the local villagers! I really appreciated being able to experience the rural world of fellow Southeast Asians that live in the region, and it is humbling to recognise that the social and cultural lives of people can be so different from what I am used to. Through Field Investigation, I was able to grow a bigger heart of appreciation for the diversity of this Earth.


In my opinion, fieldwork is one of the most essential parts of Geography, and one can only fully understand and appreciate the subject when exposed to the elements of the natural environment and human culture. I was extremely privileged to not only gain invaluable knowledge on this trip, but also humbled to have the locals share their homes, food, cultures and stories with us. Field Investigation has truly opened my eyes to the world outside of the comfortable urban bubble.

National University of Singapore

Sin Kang

Ly Ilyes

Norton University, Cambodia

ly ilyes.png

For me, the program of Field Investigation was amazing. It  was also my first time participating. It gave me the opportunity to learn about the experiences of people livelihoods in villages, especially in remote areas. Working as a team with other students, I also had a chance to get to know new friends, and also practice speaking in English.

Sotherak Lim

Western University, Cambodia


It was a remarkable time to be a part of the field investigation. We had a chance to experience and learn about the differences of the livelihood of the neak tonle (river people), see the diversity of the cultures, the way people live, how they think and communicate, their spiritual beliefs and even the amazing scenery which you cannot find elsewhere.

Hoeurn Chomroen

Institute of Technology of Cambodia


It was so amazing for me to have  this chance to work with friendly and intelligent people, both Singaporean and Cambodian, in Field Investigation. This opportunity taught me a lot about my own country: how people live on the an island with no clean water system for many years, what they always do to support their daily lives, and also about Lao people living in northeastern Cambodia, who hold both the Lao and Khmer identity.

Heng Chayhhy

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

heng chahhy.jpg

There are 3 reasons why I choose to join Field Investigation. First, I wanted to learn and experience new things. Second, I wanted to develop my communication skills in both Khmer and English. Third, I wanted to know more new people and exchange our experiences. I just want you all to know that I had a lot of experiences on this trip, in Koh Trung and Ratanakiri. Those places are amazing.

Koun Kunnlakanna

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

Koun Kunnlakanna.jpg

This was my second time attending Field Investigation. Through last year and this year's trip, I gained and tasted a lot of new experiences. These experiences introduced us to a new way of living, especially staying with ethnic minorities, studying human interact with environment, traditions and culture of the local people. Every step on this trip, we have been learnt, enhancing friendships and had an unforgettable fun experience.

Long Morokot

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

long morokot.jpg

Other than making new friends, I got to learn about foreign ethnicities like the Laotians and Hakkas living in my own country. I also gained a lot of knowledge in terms of communication with villagers, community heads, and fishermen, in Kampong Cham on another project ("Dolphin Conservation and Fisheries"). Field Investigation provided me an opportunity to learn more, experience more, and to be more adaptable.

Keanich Phal

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

keanich phal.jpg

I was interested to join Field Investigation because I wanted to experience something new outside of my usual studies. After the trip, I now understand a lot more about how my people depend on rivers to live, and also their cultures. I also learnt teamwork and I am super happy that I got to know more awesome people!

Khoeun Sopheaninh

Build Bright University, Cambodia


I signed up for Field Investigation 2019 because I wanted to develop my personality, and professionality. it was also a great time to explore and learn new things outside of my major. I was a part of two different groups in different villages, but everyone was friendly, flexible and collaborative.

Heng Vira

Build Bright University, Cambodia


Joining Field Investigation was one of the greatest opportunities because we could be able to learn many wonderful things about the livelihoods of people who live along the river. Not only did we learn, but we also experienced many different new things that we have never expected to experience  in our life.

Thida Ratana

Build Bright University, Cambodia

thida ratana2.jpg

I felt really happy joining Field Investigation. I wanted to join intially to improve my English speaking abilities and make friends with Singaporean students. I also wanted to gain more experience and knowledge about the Cambodian living style. Especially, I hoped to learn more about what makes great teamwork and leadership. What I gained in the end was friends, new knowledge and many unforgettable memories.

Sarun Kimfong

Build Bright University, Cambodia

silento fong.jpg

It was my first time joining an exchange program. Field Investigation was especially interesting because I wanted to experience something outside of my usual studies and build my self-confidence. The trip was very cool because I never thought I could communicate well with foreigners but turns out, I can actually do it! Furthermore, I learnt how to conduct interviews and also adaptability in the remote villages.

Rut Saron

Build Bright University, Cambodia


I am an indigenous person. For me, Field Investigation was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. It provided many new experiences and I made many new friends when working with them in a team. Together, we have learnt about geography and how this shapes the way of life and traditions of people.

Sokun Chhoeurn

Institute of Foreign Languages, Cambodia

sokun chhoeurn.jpg

Joining Field Investigation was an unforgettable experience! I now understand more about the culture of indigenous minorities. Because I was welcomed to spend time with them and live like as if I was a part of their family, I didn't miss home as I thought I would. Well, I guess I have become a real-life investigator!

Pech Ousa

Build Bright University, Cambodia

pech ousa.jpg

Field Investigation was very memorable. I joined to improve my English language by communicating with Singaporean friends. I also hoped to learn something new about other Cambodians' lifestyles, experience working on a team and get leadership experience. Finally, I also really wanted to make friends with everyone. I was able to learn everything I wanted -- I learnt about what great teamwork means and I’ve made a lot of friends. It has been a great experience for me.

Sreath Kimlang

Build Bright University, Cambodia


I joined Field Investigation because I want to learn more about geography and local people’s culture. Another motivation was to improve my English and discover new experiences. Through FI, I learnt more about teamwork and got to know my Singaporean buddies. It brought me many amazing and new experiences. I enjoyed myself very much during the trip.

Kanharath Chea Khen

Build Bright University, Cambodia

kanharath chea khen.jpg

I wanted to improve my English abilities and get to know some foreign friends. Participating in Field Investigation was very interesting. It taught me about local people's culture, livelihoods, produces, and their traditions. It also let me explore, and I saw and did many things I have never done before. I also learnt to communicate better with others through FI. In fact, I think this is one of the best moments in my studying year.